Thursday, September 27, 2012

OLGC Celebrates Medical Technology Week

The college of Medical Technology celebrates Medical Technology week. The event was held at the third (3rd) floor students lounge area. It was decked out with equipment used to analyze samples taken from individuals who were tested. With their theme: Exploring Mind, Body and Soul Building the Future Competent OLGCian Medical Laboratory Scientist. The event aims to expose the students from College of Medical Technology to other students from the different college division.

As explained by Professor Carine Rodriguez RMT, in line with the worldwide celebration, they want to promote the skills and knowledge that their course offers. The festivity showcased the MT’s students skills learned from their Practical Clinical Chemistry class. The School Staff, Faculty, and the students from all college division were invited to the said event. Free services were offered including: Blood Typing Test headed by the First year MT’s, Free (RBS) Random Blood Sugar , (FBS) Fasting Blood Sugar by the Third year MT’s, and an exhibit and booth by the Second Year MT’s focusing on topics that deal with updated studies concerning the field of Medical Technology. The event is said to be continued up until September 28, 2012, and the students added that they will be conducting seminars for empowering minds in the profession of Medical Technology.
test...test...and more test...

blood samples


The Tools...
Articles & Pictures provided by: Christine June V. Valles IV-I

Seniors with Seniors


….cardboards, pens and various art materials to be used

Getting ready for the big day…

Seniors from the college of nursing, work hand in hand for a better outcome…

Till then...

…Stay tuned to this page to find out what happens at the program.

Articles & Pictures provided by: Christine June V. Valles IV-I

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Why Choose OLGC?

The staff of Victor R. Potenciano Medical Center, have expressed that the students who study here, are highly qualified for their respective courses. Hospital duties that warrant quality care and service are delivered by each student constantly. Our life evolves in giving precise attention to details in providing quality care that our patients deserve. We take the word Philanthropic to a whole new level, raising the bar to the future of giving and caring. We participate in Medical Missions that expresses altruism. We participates not for a reward, but because we are selfless. As the saying goes…..”It’s better to give than to receive”.
The administration and the faculty are the driving forces that provides us with unending motivation and inspiration that in turn, helps us devote ourselves into caring. We take our patients’ concenrns seriously.
OLGC also supports the “FUN!” The administration provide us with  activities for our enjoyment. Every year we have a Sports Fest, Foundation Day Celebration, Acquaintance Party and the college’s very own Mr. and Ms. OLGC – that  will guarantee that brains comes alongside beauty. These are the days when we enjoy ourselves with the things that can let us remember  who we are ….wild, young, and free.

Christine June V. Valles IV-I

What is OLGC?

Our Lady of Guadalupe Colleges (OLGC) is a learning institute that was founded in the year 2003. It first started out, by offering the course
Bachelor of Science in Nursing. And “Yes”! Within 9 years, OLGC has already produced excellent and highly skilled licensed nursing graduates.

Three years ago OLGC broadened its course offerings.  The College of Radiologic Technology, the College of Medical Laboratory Science, and the College of Hospitality Management were opened to cater to more students. A mission of Our Lady of Guadalupe Colleges is to produce globally competitive professionals. Some are already living their dreams abroad and some are still here in the Philippines taking good care of our kababayans.

Christine June V. Valles IV-I