Monday, February 18, 2013

A Night to Remember... strange days...

             Last December 22, 2012 the Student Council of Our Lady of Guadalupe Colleges conducted one of the most awaited events in the school calendar, the annual acquaintance party at famous Fiamma Bar at Jupiter Street, Makati City with the Theme: “Dress to Impress, Fashionistas” The registration started at 6:00 pm, while the program started at 7:00pm. Mr John Keith Sinel and Ms. Nicolline Roxas served as the host and hostess of the night. There were also some beloved professors who came and joined the student festivities, namely, Ms. Corazon Hebron our beloved Clinical Instructor and our admired Level IV coordinator Ms. Rosenda Jaramillo. Our ever handsome, “crush ng bayan” College Administrator Mr. Vincent Mark Vergel de Dios came with his own entourage. Judging with the guest and the students who joined the event it will surely fill the student body with fascination. The students came wearing their exquisite cocktail dresses, skirts, and blouses for the females and black ensemble, elegant polo’s with chic leather shoes and stylish sneakers for the males.

            There were games that the student council prepared. The event started with the first game, the ever popular, “bring me” well there were definitely some interesting objects that were asked to be bought to the stage. After that they decided to move on with the game aptly named “Booty Shake” this was borrowed from a version of one of the game round in the game show, “Minute to Win It!” Players were picked in a fishbowl manner, they were asked to wear a box of tissue filled with pingpong balls the goal of the game is to remove all of the balls in the box using one simple procedure…their manner of booty shaking, there is just one catch there is a time limit 1minute. It was definitely an attention catcher for the audience. The third game was the “Flip Top” it is a beer game, the game needs a group effort. the game called for five groups of six players each they will surround a rectangular table they will be handed their own cups of beer, the first player would have to drink his or her glass first then flip the empty cup on the table but he or she should be able to flip it in an upside manner using just the index finger of his or her hands. After doing that the second player will repeat the process again up to the last player, the first team to win will then be declared as the winner of the game. The fourth game was the game popularized by the officers of the student council during the school’s 9th foundation day, “Eat My Banana” It called for 5players for the girls and 5 volunteers from the gorgeous male student body. The boys would have to sit 2meterstick away from the girls; they would have to sit on the floor holding an unpeeled banana between their legs. The girls will then be given a go signal to run for the respective male to their front they would have to peel the banana first using just their teeth, after the removal of the peel they would then have to eat the banana as fast as possible the first to divulge and swallow the banana wins. There were interesting whistles from the crowd who watched. The fifth game was the Bottoms Up this will include one of the favorite elements of the game-sphere…. Beer gulping. The player called for a specific gender… tadada… BOYS well judging from their reactions they were particularly all smiles as some of them were picked to play. They would have to do a dance number with their bottle of cold beer then gulp it as fast as possible the first to finish wins. Finally the game that made everyone join in just because the price in this one was a brand new tablet, “Don’t Blow the Joker” this game will include a beer bottle (don’t worry it won’t be consumed) that will serve as the holder of a deck of cards placed in a horizontal manner. The stack will house the cards with the joker placed last beneath all cards, players would then blow cards atop but they should not blow the joker it should stay in the bottom, sounds easy…. But hell! I doubt you could do it in one try.

            Well after all talks about the games wondering what and where all the prizes are. TaDah! The very generous Student Council gave 20 coin banks, I Bench lotion, 1 Bench Cologne, 1Bench hand Sanitizer, 2 Mouse pads, 2 units of brand new Cherry Mobile phones, and the brand new Android tablet with dual camera. Of course the party will be a dull one without the performances by the Tropa Baile, 3 performances was housed on that night a first number by the girls a hot and sexy number definitely, second a performance by the boys which was definitely hotter, and the third a performance with all the members of this club which was very interesting and wonderful. The Student Council would definitely not turn the student body down, we can now say that they are not just intelligent but kick ass gorgeous, handsome and talented as well judging from the intermission number they performed. Well, we have to be proud of that. Finally the program ended around 12:00 midnight but this was just a closing message for the program the night is not yet over, the students danced themselves out with psychotically banging bar music. And yes if you ask me I will answer: THEY DEFINITELY HAD AN AMAZING NIGHT, A NIGHT TO REMEMBER!

Mr. Julius Lyndon Keng awarded Mr. Fashionista of the night

Right to Left: Ms. Lanie Pajaron, Ms. Inah Evidente, ,s. Christine Valles (yours truly), Ms. Gidget Ongkeko, Ms. Wealth Domingo

Ms. Mara Maurine Nanale, awarded Ms. Fashionista of the night

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